About CRS

Company history
CRS (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. was founded in October 2008 as one of associated CRS group companies of CRS Saitama Co.,Ltd, Japan (founded in 2004). We are the first Japanese company to start up a base point in Malaysia. Quickly growing business, we opened a larger 3 Acres CRSM Klang factory in July 2011 and expanding import-export such as following markets. Malaysia, Japan, East Asia, South-East Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Middle East. North Africa, Western Africa, South Africa, Eastern Africa, New Zealand, North America, Middle America, and South America.

Company profile

Classification --Japanese associated company
Type of industry - Import - Export used auto parts - Scrap metals collection and Import-Export
The other CRS group companies - Japan : CRS Saitama Co.,Ltd
- New Zealand : CRS NZ Co.,Ltd
- Singapore : CRS International Pte.,Ltd

Our Mission

“CRS” is abbreviation of “Car Recycle Studio”. As named of “Car recycle”, our mission is “recycling to any market on demand” with goods and services of high quality.


To export customers- We are able to pick up at airport and to book hotel room in convenient and secured area.

  • 1. Follow up inquiries and taking orders
  • 2. Provide CRSM price listing of ordered goods
  • 3. Negotiation
  • 4. Inspection of goods
  • 5. Export

Shopping at CRS M factory

  • 1. Viewing our goods
  • 2. Asking prices to CRSM Sales officer
  • 3. Inspection of goods
  • 4. Loading lorry / Delivery to your location

Facility and Man Power

CRSM factory has large space of 3 Acres. Our factory is divided into IMPORT, EXPORT, GOODS INSPECTION, STOCK, and SHIPPING segmentations. All the CRSM stock are linked to our PC system through barcode stickers. It enables to provide more efficient and faster container loading and shipping operation. In terms of MAN POWER, Experienced and friendly Malaysia staff and Japanese staff are handling those operation.

Quality and Line up

Our goods are selected and inspected by experienced Japanese staff in our CRS Saitama Co.,LTD, Japan as well as our other suppliers.

  • ≫ Container Area

    Container Area
  • ≫ De-Vanning

  • ≫ Inspection of Goods

    Inspection of Goods
  • ≫ Stock Area

    Stock Area